The Scottish Owl Centre is a fab spot where owls from all around the globe flutter and wow visitors – definitely something to tweet about!

Largest collection of owls in the world

I got to visit the Scottish Owl Centre and guess what? They have the biggest group of owls from all over! With more than 140 types, it’s like a who’s-who of owls in one place. I learnt that they spend quite a bit feeding these feathered friends each month.

So, dropping a donation feels good, knowing it helps them care for these amazing birds. Plus, snapping photos there is a dream come true for camera buffs like me.

Next up, let me tell you about this awesome wildlife park and zoo..

Impressive wildlife park and zoo

The Scottish Owl Centre stands out as a stunning wildlife park and zoo. It boasts the world’s largest collection of owls, making it a unique spot for animal lovers. The centre is home to over 140 different types of owls from all corners of the globe.

This place isn’t just about strolling around; it offers daily flying displays that are both entertaining and educational.

Visitors get the chance to hold an owl, snap some fantastic photos, and learn loads about these fascinating birds up close. Think tiny Pygmy Owls that could fit in your palm to massive Eagle Owls with their intimidating stare.

It’s hands-on learning combined with fun – perfect for kids and adults alike.

Next on our visit, we’ll explore how easy it is to get here and what else you can find nearby!

Great family day out

I found the Scottish Owl Centre to be a fantastic spot for spending the day with family. With its adventure playground and picnic area, there’s plenty of space for little ones to run around and play.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – kids get their fun, and us adults enjoy some peaceful moments in nature’s embrace. Holding an owl for a photo also adds that special touch to our family albums.

Imagine the smiles when we show these pictures at gatherings!

The daily flying displays are something else! Watching these majestic birds soar through the air is both thrilling and educational. I learned so much about owls – from tiny Pygmy Owls that could fit into your palm, to huge Eagle Owls with their impressive wingspans.

The staff keep things lively and engaging, making learning fun for all ages.

And speaking of engaging experiences..

Perfect for photo enthusiasts

After a fun day with the family, it’s time for those who love taking photos to shine. The Scottish Owl Centre is a dream spot for anyone with a camera. Here, you can snap pictures of the world’s largest collection of owls.

The centre always has something new going on, like baby owls being born! This means visitors get to see and capture moments that are rare.

You can even hold an owl and take your own photo with it! Imagine showing off a photo like that to your friends. Plus, all around the park, there are perfect spots to catch these majestic birds in action or just looking adorable.

It’s not every day you get such cool photo ops.

Location and Contact Information

So, you’re ready to visit the Scottish Owl Centre, right? It’s tucked away in Polkemmet Country Park, a gem between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Getting there is a breeze—just a short trip from either city.

And if you need to chat or ask questions, just give them a ring or shoot an email their way. They’re super friendly and always ready to help!

Located in Polkemmet Country Park


Polkemmet Country Park is the proud home of the Scottish Owl Centre. This place isn’t just a walk in the park – it’s a full-on adventure waiting to happen. Imagine strolling through the lush greenery, owls hooting in the background, as you make your way to meet some of the most majestic creatures Scotland has to offer.

The park itself is a gem tucked away between Edinburgh and Glasgow, making it an easy jaunt for anyone looking to escape city life for a bit. With woodland walks that seem straight out of a storybook and activities galore, there’s more than enough here to fill your day with wonder.

I found out something pretty cool – your ticket to see these feathered friends also gets you into all sorts of other fun stuff around Polkemmet Country Park. We’re talking about hitting balls on a golf driving range, having a laugh at the adventure playground, or maybe even showing off your skills on the bowling green if you fancy it.

And after all that excitement? There’s always a café waiting to help you refuel with some tasty snacks. It really doesn’t get much better than this: owls by day and exploring everything else Polkemmet has on offer all in one go!

Easily accessible from Edinburgh and Glasgow

So, after hearing all about the Scottish Owl Centre nestled in Polkemmet Country Park, you’re probably wondering how easy it is to get there from Edinburgh or Glasgow. Good news! It’s super simple.

The centre is a straight shot, only 30 minutes by car from both cities. That’s right – whether you’re coming down from Edinburgh or up from Glasgow, you won’t have any trouble finding your way.

And if driving isn’t your thing, no worries! Local buses are here to save the day. They run through Whitburn and Harthill and will drop you close to where these amazing owls call home.

This means less time stressing over directions and more time snapping photos of Scottish owls at the centre. I grabbed a bus once – smooth ride and friendly locals made it even better than I expected! Trust me, getting here is as breezy as enjoying a cuppa by Loch Ness.

Contact number and email


Getting here from Edinburgh and Glasgow is a breeze. Now, you might want to jot down some details so you can reach out or ask questions. The folks at the Scottish Owl Centre are super helpful and just a call or email away.

Their main number is 0044 01501 228184, but if that’s busy, try 0044 01501 228722 instead. Prefer typing to talking? Shoot them an email at They’re pretty quick with replies, which is always handy!

Available Facilities and Opening Times

Planning a family day out or a unique photographic adventure can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. You’re looking for that perfect blend of fun, education, and something… different. Well, I’ve been there—trudging through website after website, trying to find an outing that ticks all the boxes without breaking the bank. Amidst this search, I stumbled upon a gem: The Scottish Owl Centre.

With its claim to house the largest collection of owls in the world (over 140 feathered friends from across the globe!), it piqued my curiosity—and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Through careful research and personal experience, I’ve gathered everything you need to know about this fascinating place that’s not just about owls but offers an engaging learning environment too. From flying shows in their indoor arena to hands-on owl tuition (yes, you can actually hold these magnificent creatures!), this blog post is your ultimate guide.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey…

Key Takeaways

  • The Scottish Owl Centre in Polkemmet Country Park is home to the world’s largest collection of owls, with over 140 types.
  • Visitors can enjoy daily flying displays, hold an owl for a photo, and learn about these birds through hands-on experiences.
  • It’s a great place for families and photography lovers, offering adventure playgrounds and picnic areas alongside the unique opportunity to see owls up close.
  • Tickets start at £5.50, with discounts available for school groups. This makes it an affordable day out for everyone.
  • The centre is easily accessible from Edinburgh and Glasgow, making it a convenient location for tourists and locals.


Indoor arena for flying shows

Inside the Scottish Owl Centre, there’s a magical spot where owls spread their wings and soar. Yes, I’m talking about the indoor arena for flying shows. This is where these magnificent creatures show off their exceptional skills.

The centre offers daily all-weather flying displays, and trust me, it’s a sight you don’t want to miss. Imagine standing there as an owl glides just inches above your head – it feels like being part of a secret world.

The best part? These flying shows are included in your admission ticket! You get to see a variety of owl species taking to the air, each with its unique style of flight. It’s not every day that you get such an up-close look at wildlife in action.

For anyone passionate about photography or keen on learning more about these fascinating birds, this experience is pure gold. Plus, it’s perfect for families looking for something fun and educational to do together.

So grab your camera and prepare yourself for some awe-inspiring moments at the Scottish Owl Centre’s indoor arena!

Personal owl tuition

After enjoying the thrill of the indoor flying shows, guess what’s next? Yes, it’s time to get up close and personal with these feathery friends through personal owl tuition. Imagine holding an owl in your hands for a photo! It feels like being part of a magic world where you’re suddenly an owl whisperer.

The centre allows visitors to meet owls face-to-face. You learn all about their habits and habitats in the most engaging way possible—by actually interacting with them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words..

well, how about the stories you’ll tell after meeting these magnificent creatures one-on-one? The hands-on education doesn’t just stop at photos; it’s an unforgettable experience that brings together fun and learning in a way books simply can’t match.

So there you have it – personal owl tuition isn’t just another activity; it’s your chance to dive into the life of owls. Who wouldn’t want to brag about holding an owl or learning something new directly from these wise birds? Trust me, this is one for both your memory bank and your photo album!

Full access to the Centre

So, you’ve had a taste of the personal owl tuition and now you’re ready for more. Great news! With full access to the Centre, you get to explore every nook and cranny. For £9.50 as an adult or less if you’re a child or part of a family group, it’s like the doors open wide just for you.

You’ll see owls from all corners of the globe – think tiny Pygmy Owls that could sit in your hand to majestic Eagle Owls with their wide wings spread.

This isn’t just about wandering around; it’s your ticket to awesome flying displays where these winged beauties soar above your head. Fancy learning something new? There are plenty of info boards dotted around spilling secrets about each owl species.

Kids can even have a go at quiz sheets – edu-fun at its best! And let me tell ya, snapping photos here is a dream come true for photography enthusiasts.. Just imagine those Instagram likes rolling in after posting shots from this place!

Opening times

Checking the opening times before I head out is a must. The Scottish Owl Centre has different hours depending on the month. From April to August, they open their doors wider and let us in for longer hours – it feels like an invitation to spend all day with these fascinating birds! Then, as we move into February, March, September, and October, things shift a bit; they slightly reduce those welcoming hours.

But listen up – it gets cosy from November to January with even shorter days. It’s wise to double-check their schedule online just in case there are any changes or special events that might affect when we can pop by.

Having this info handy makes planning my visit a breeze. Plus, knowing I can enjoy other park facilities all day long adds a cherry on top of my owl-adventure cake! Whether it’s hitting the adventure playground or taking a peaceful walk through woodland areas after hanging out at the centre – it’s all part of the ticket price.

Ahh.. sounds like an ideal day out already!

Meet the Birds at the Centre

At the Scottish Owl Centre, you get to say hello to owls big and small, from the tiny twinkle in a Pygmy Owl’s eye to the grand wing-span of an Eagle Owl. It’s like stepping into a magical storybook – except it’s real, and you’re part of the tale!

From tiny Pygmy Owls to huge Eagle Owls

I visited the Scottish Owl Centre and, wow – the range of sizes in owls is something else! Tiny Pygmy Owls are just as fascinating as their huge counterparts, like the Eagle Owls. It’s a bit surreal, standing close to these creatures; the smaller ones could easily sit in your palm, while the bigger ones..

let’s just say you’d need both arms!

The centre allows for some pretty special moments. I got up close with an African Marsh Owl and even saw a young Indian Eagle Owl. There’s this little Tropical Screech owlet too that’s new to the centre.

Each owl has its unique charm, making it a photographer’s dream come true.

Meeting these birds isn’t just about seeing them up close; it’s about learning their stories. And believe me, each one has a tale that could either make you chuckle or drop your jaw in awe.

So if you’re keen on capturing some stunning Scottish owl centre photos or simply want to experience something unforgettable—this place won’t disappoint!

Close encounters with fascinating creatures

Getting up close with the owls at the Scottish Owl Centre is a real treat. You can meet everything from tiny Pygmy Owls to massive Eagle Owls. It feels like stepping into a magical world where each owl has its own story.

The staff let you get really close, making it perfect for snapping amazing photos.

They host shows where these winged beauties swoop right over your head! Imagine sitting there as a huge Eagle Owl glides silently just inches above you – pretty awesome, right? And if that’s not enough, hearing about their unique habits and seeing those fluffy Snowy Owl youngsters adds something special to the day.

Trust me, this place makes for some unforgettable memories with these fascinating creatures.

One-on-one and unforgettable experiences

Moving on from simply watching these majestic birds, I had the chance to get up close and personal. It was truly a moment to cherish, holding an owl for a photo. The staff taught me about their habits and where they live in a way that was easy to understand—no tough words or confusing talks here!

This experience isn’t something you find just anywhere. Feeling the soft feathers and seeing those big eyes stare back at me—I’ll never forget it. Plus, learning cool facts about these night-time hunters made my visit extra special.

Forget reading from a book; being there with the owls beat everything else!

Top Ways to Experience Nearby Attractions

Don’t just stop at the Scottish Owl Centre – the area is full of fun spots to explore, making your visit even more thrilling!

Include in your travel itinerary

So, you’re thinking about adding the Scottish Owl Centre to your travel plans? Great choice! This place isn’t just a big hit for owl lovers. It’s a gem in Polkemmet Country Park and smack between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Easy to get to, right? Plus, imagine the photos you’ll snap with those majestic birds. Trust me; your Instagram will thank you.

Now, while you’re in the area, don’t miss out on exploring more that Scotland has to offer. Castles, museums, beautiful parks – this country has it all. And guess what? Many of these attractions are just a stone’s throw from the Owl Centre.

Plan smartly and you could enjoy a mix of history, nature and cute owls all in one go.

Alrighty then.. ready for some insider tips on facilities and opening times at the centre?.

Explore other activities and accommodations nearby

After pencilling in a visit to the Scottish Owl Centre, you’ll be thrilled to find that there’s a heap more to do around. The Centre sits snug inside Polkemmet Country Park, which is like a treasure chest for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Think woodland walks where the air smells of pine and adventure playgrounds where kids (and adults–I’m not judging!) can let off steam.

And if that doesn’t tire you out, how about hitting some golf balls at the driving range or challenging your family to a friendly game on the 9-hole course? Oh, and don’t forget about grabbing a bite at the café—trust me, it’s worth stopping by.

For those planning on staying longer than a day trip from Edinburgh or Glasgow, finding spots to rest your head near Bathgate or Whitburn is easy. This area welcomes weary travellers with cosy accommodations ranging from quaint B&Bs to luxurious hotels.

Perfect for converting a day trip into an unforgettable weekend getaway!

Ticket Prices and Discounts

Guess what? You can start your owl adventure from just £5.50! And here’s a cheeky tip – schools get discounts, and there’s a special deal where one adult goes cheaper with every bunch of kids.

Sounds like a hoot, doesn’t it? Keep reading to fly into more fun details!

Ticket prices starting from £5.50

So, let’s talk about the ticket prices at the Scottish Owl Centre. You won’t break the bank because tickets start at just £5.50 for adults, children, and those who get discounts. It’s such a steal! And if you’re thinking of snapping that perfect owl photo to show off to your friends, adding an extra £5 lets you hold an owl for that unforgettable picture moment.

Planning a school trip? No worries there – it only costs £6.50 per pupil and yes, that includes VAT. I mean, where else can you get up close with these magnificent creatures without emptying your wallet? It’s like they’ve thought of everything to make sure everyone has a chance to visit without fretting over prices.

So grab your camera and maybe a few quid more for that special photo op – trust me, it’s worth it!

Discounts for school groups and one adult per number of pupils

Moving on from the ticket prices, another fantastic thing about the Scottish Owl Centre is how they welcome school groups with open arms and some great deals. If you’re planning a trip for a bunch of curious kids, each pupil gets in for just £6.50 – and that includes VAT! But here’s the cherry on top: for every four nursery tots, six primary kids, or ten secondary students you bring along, an adult gets to join in absolutely free.

This deal makes it super easy to organise an educational yet fun day out without breaking the bank.

Imagine it – a whole busload of excited faces arriving at the centre ready to meet some of the world’s most mysterious birds up close. Not only does this experience support classroom learning with real-world encounters, but it also ensures there’s enough supervision to keep things smooth and enjoyable.

And let’s not forget; while teachers are keeping an eye on their pupils, they too get the chance to marvel at these magnificent creatures. It’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever seen one!

What to Expect at the Centre

Get ready for awesome flying shows and a chance to learn loads about different owls. Plus, there’s fun quiz sheets for a bit of educational laughter! Sounds like a hoot, doesn’t it? Don’t miss out on the rest, come see for yourself!

Awesome flying displays

Every day, the Scottish Owl Centre puts on amazing flying shows. You can watch owls of all kinds fly around in an indoor arena, no matter if it’s raining or sunny. I’ve seen these displays myself and wow—they’re something you don’t want to miss! Owls swoop over your head, showing off their silent flight and incredible skills.

It feels magical, almost like being part of a Harry Potter film.

And let’s not forget about meeting these feathery stars up close. After the show, there’s a chance to learn more about each owl from the experts who work there. They share fascinating facts about where the owls come from and how they live in the wild.

Plus, getting a photo with one of these majestic birds is pretty awesome too! So yeah, checking out these flying shows is definitely my top tip for anyone visiting.

Information about different types of owls

I got to learn loads about all the different owls they have at the Scottish Owl Centre. They’ve got over 140 kinds from every corner of the globe! Imagine seeing tiny Pygmy Owls that could fit in your palm and then staring up at huge Eagle Owls with their massive wings spread out.

It’s like taking a world tour just by looking at owls. They even have these cool Great Horned Owlets, Tiger the Brown Wood Owl, and Oulu the Great Grey Owl – names sound straight out of a magical storybook, right?.

The centre is also buzzing with new feathered friends joining the family. Like this adorable Tropical Screech owlet that recently hatched or the majestic female African Marsh Owl making herself at home for the first time here.

Each visit feels like there’s always something new popping up.

Next thing you know, you’re standing eye-to-eye with Sheila the Boobook Owl or witnessing Snowy Owl youngsters playing around, which totally makes any day brighter. Oh! Speaking of bright days..

Quiz sheets for educational fun

So, you’re at the Scottish Owl Centre and think you’ve seen it all? Hold on a minute! There’s something else that’ll catch your fancy – quiz sheets. Yep, that’s right. These aren’t just any old pieces of paper.

They’re your ticket to becoming an owl expert, in the most fun way possible. As you wander through the centre, these quizzes challenge you to pay close attention to the fascinating facts around you.

Trust me, it turns out to be quite the adventure.

These quiz sheets are designed with both kids and adults in mind. So yes, no one gets left out! And here’s a little secret – completing them might just make you feel like Indiana Jones on an owl-themed quest.

The best part? You learn loads without even realising it because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good game? So grab one as soon as you arrive; they’re perfect for adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit.

Oh, and another thing – don’t worry about not knowing all the answers right off the bat. It’s all part of the experience! Chatting with staff or using information boards can help fill in any gaps.

Before long, those quiz sheets will have turned into treasure maps guiding you through every corner of this incredible centre!


Visitor Information

Fancy a stress-free visit? Here’s the skinny on what you need to know.. Accessibility is top-notch for folks with disabilities, making sure everyone can join in the fun. Also, do mind the guidelines—it’s all there to make sure your day is as smooth as a barn owl’s flight.

Accessibility for those with disabilities

So, I’ve got some great news for anyone worried about getting around at the Scottish Owl Centre, especially if you’re using a wheelchair or have any mobility issues. This place is all set up to welcome everyone! They’ve got parking sorted so you can easily hop out of your car and straight into the adventure.

And yes – there are toilets that everyone can use, no fuss involved. Plus, they didn’t forget about the kids; there’s an outdoor play area that’s accessible too. Finding the centre is a breeze whether you’re driving or catching a local bus through Whitburn and Harthill.

Now, here’s something cool – once inside, every owl-loving visitor gets full access to see these feathery friends up close. We’re talking easy pathways around the enclosures and clear viewing spots for those amazing flying shows in the indoor arena.

Seriously, this place thought of everything to make sure no one misses out on spotting their favourite owl – from tiny Pygmy Owls to those majestic Eagle Owls. So yeah, bring your family along because this experience has got everyone covered!

Rules and regulations for visiting the Centre

Before setting off for the Scottish Owl Centre, it’s good to know a few rules to make your visit smooth and enjoyable. You’ll want to bring some extra cash or your card. Why? Well, there’s an admission fee that changes with age—adults and kids don’t pay the same.

Plus, if you fancy holding an owl for a photo (who wouldn’t?), that’s going to cost a bit more. It’s all part of supporting these magnificent birds.

Keep in mind; they love having visitors but only during their opening times! And trust me, you don’t want to miss the flying shows—they’re absolutely awesome! So checking those times before you go is key.

Oh, and another thing: Please leave your dogs at home because unfortunately, they can’t join in on this adventure.

For those needing special assistance, no worries—the centre is ready to help everyone have a great time. Finally, donations are super welcome; feeding owls isn’t cheap after all! Whether it’s just visiting or snapping photos with these feathered beauties, every little bit helps keep them happy and healthy.


1. “What’s the best time to visit the Scottish Owl Centre, you ask?”

Well, checking out their opening times is a smart move before you head over. They’re usually open most days, but hey, it’s always good to look up the latest on their website or give them a buzz… just in case they’ve decided to take a wee break or something.

2. “Can I bring my dog along for some owl spotting?”

Ah, that’s a tricky one! While we all love our furry friends, the Scottish Owl Centre has rules about dogs on the premises. Best advice? Check directly with them – they’ve got an email and phone number listed. They’re friendly folks; they’ll let you know what’s what.

3. “Are there really owls in Scotland? Like actual owls?”

Oh yes! Scotland is home to some stunning owls – from your wee small ones to the grand big ‘uns like the largest owl in Scotland making its home right at this centre. It’s quite something seeing them up close – makes you appreciate nature a bit more, doesn’t it?

4. “How much does it cost to get into this magical world of owls?”

The prices for entry are pretty reasonable if you ask me – definitely worth it for an unforgettable experience with these majestic creatures. Plus, keep an eye out; sometimes they offer discounts or vouchers which can save you a few quid!

5. “Is there anywhere I can grab a bite or a cuppa near those wise old birds?”

Absolutely! The Scottish Owl Centre thought of everything – there’s a cafe where you can refuel with some snacks or something warm to drink after all that owl-admiring business… Because let’s face it, looking at owls is serious work and works up quite an appetite!