Shepherd House Garden in East Lothian is a picturesque garden that is a must-visit for nature lovers. The garden is located in a beautiful countryside setting and offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The garden is home to a wide variety of plants and flowers, including rare and unusual species that are not commonly found in other gardens.

The garden is well-known for its stunning collection of peonies, which are in full bloom during the summer months. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful herbaceous borders, woodland walks, and water features. The garden is designed to be a sensory experience, with a range of scents and textures to explore. In addition to the natural beauty of the garden, there are also a number of sculptures and other artworks on display.

Shepherd House Garden: A Brief Overview

Shepherd House Garden is a beautiful garden located in East Lothian, Scotland. It is situated in the village of Inveresk, just a few miles from Edinburgh. The garden is a popular tourist destination and is well-known for its stunning beauty and historical significance.

The garden was originally established in the 17th century and has been carefully maintained and developed over the years. Today, it is a wonderful example of a traditional Scottish garden, with a wide variety of plants and flowers, including many native species.

Visitors to Shepherd House Garden can enjoy a range of different areas, each with its own unique character and charm. Some of the highlights include the walled garden, the wildflower meadow, and the woodland walk. There are also several ponds and streams throughout the garden, which add to its natural beauty and tranquillity.

One of the most impressive features of Shepherd House Garden is its collection of rare and unusual plants. Many of these have been carefully sourced from around the world and are now thriving in the Scottish climate. The garden is also home to a number of sculptures and other works of art, which add to its visual appeal.

The Art and Aesthetics of Shepherd House Garden

Shepherd House Garden is a stunning example of how art and aesthetics can work together to create a beautiful outdoor space. The garden is filled with a variety of artistic elements, from sculptures to intricate parterres, that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

One of the most striking features of the garden is the formal rill, which runs through the centre of the walled garden. The rill is lined with rose arches and is flanked by perfectly manicured lawns and colourful borders. The sound of the running water adds a soothing element to the garden, and the arches provide a beautiful frame for the view beyond.

In addition to the rill, there are several ponds throughout the garden, each with its own unique character. The larger pond is home to a variety of water lilies and is surrounded by lush foliage and colourful flowers. The smaller ponds are more intimate and are perfect for quiet reflection.

The parterres are another highlight of the garden and are a testament to the skill and creativity of the garden designers. These intricate patterns of box hedging and colourful planting are a feast for the eyes and add a sense of formality to the garden.

Clematis is a popular plant in the garden, and there are several varieties growing on the walls and arches throughout the garden. These beautiful climbers add a splash of colour and provide a stunning contrast against the greenery.

Plant Life and Flora in the Garden

Shepherd House Garden is home to a diverse range of plant life and flora. The garden is known for its stunning display of snowdrops, which bloom in late winter and early spring. Visitors can enjoy a sea of white flowers covering the woodland floor, creating a magical atmosphere.

In addition to snowdrops, the garden boasts a variety of plants and flowers that bloom throughout the year. Visitors can admire the beautiful roses that adorn the garden, with their vibrant colours and sweet fragrances. The garden also features a woodland area, where visitors can explore the natural beauty of the area and observe the various plants and flowers that thrive in this environment.

The garden is home to a variety of unique and rare plants, including the Himalayan blue poppy and the giant Himalayan lily. These plants are a testament to the garden’s commitment to preserving and promoting biodiversity.

Visiting Shepherd House Garden

Shepherd House Garden is a beautiful garden located in East Lothian, just a short drive from Musselburgh. It is a popular destination for visitors who are interested in horticulture and gardening.

The garden is open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 4pm, as well as on weekends from 2pm to 5pm. However, it is important to note that the garden is closed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Visitors should also be aware that there may be restrictions in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so it is advisable to check the website or call ahead before visiting.

To get to Shepherd House Garden, visitors can take the A1 towards Edinburgh and then follow the signs to the garden. There is ample parking available on site, and the garden is wheelchair accessible.

Once inside the garden, visitors will be able to explore the various areas, including the herbaceous borders, the rose garden, and the woodland garden. There are also several water features and sculptures to admire.

Online Presence and Contact Information

Shepherd House Garden has a strong online presence that provides visitors with all the necessary information they need to plan their visit. The website is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive details about the garden, including opening hours, admission prices, and special events.


The official website for Shepherd House Garden is The website is user-friendly and provides visitors with all the information they need to plan their visit. The website includes a detailed map of the garden, a list of upcoming events, and information about the garden’s history and features.


For any inquiries or questions, visitors can contact Shepherd House Garden via email at The garden’s staff is knowledgeable and always happy to help visitors with any questions they may have.


Visitors can book their visit to Shepherd House Garden online through the garden’s website. The booking process is straightforward and easy to use. Visitors can also book over the phone by calling the garden directly at +44 (0) 1620 810 288.

Overall, Shepherd House Garden’s online presence and contact information are clear and easy to use, making it simple for visitors to plan their visit and get in touch with the garden’s staff.

Additional Features and Attractions

Aside from the beautiful gardens and stunning views, Shepherd House Garden offers several additional features and attractions that visitors can enjoy.

One of the highlights of the garden is the Inveresk Gatehouse, a charming 18th-century building that serves as the entrance to the property. Visitors can take a stroll through the gatehouse and learn about its history and significance.

Another attraction is the Form Garden, which is a unique and contemporary garden that features a variety of unusual plants and sculptures. The garden is a true work of art and is sure to impress visitors of all ages.

For those interested in photography, there are plenty of opportunities to capture stunning shots of the garden’s many features and attractions. From the colourful flower beds to the bubbling fountains, there is no shortage of beautiful subjects to photograph.

The garden also features several stages throughout the year, hosting a range of events and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in live music, theatre performances, or craft fairs, there is always something happening at Shepherd House Garden.

In addition to the gardens themselves, visitors can also explore the surrounding area of Humbie Dean, which is known for its scenic walking trails and one-acre pond. The pond is a popular spot for fishing and picnicking, and visitors can also take a dip in the water on a hot summer day.

Finally, those who wish to support the garden’s ongoing maintenance and development can make a donation at the garden’s donation box. Every donation helps to ensure that the garden remains a beautiful and vibrant attraction for years to come.