Oh, Linlithgow Palace has seen a lot! From kings and queens to ruins, it’s got stories that’ll keep you hooked. Want to know more? Keep reading!


So, you’re curious about Linlithgow Palace, right? Well, I’ve got some cool stuff to share. This grand place didn’t just appear out of thin air. It started way back in the 12th century as a small royal manor.

Imagine that—a cosy spot for kings and queens to hang out! Fast forward a bit, and by the 15th century, it transformed into this majestic palace we hear about today. Picture those olden days craftsmen working away, stone by stone..

pretty amazing.

Now let’s talk location—Linlithgow Palace sits proudly in Kirkgate, Linlithgow, West Lothian (EH49 7AL). And get this—it’s not just any old place; it has seen its fair share of royals walking through its halls.

From being born there (yep, Mary Queen of Scots popped out in this very palace) to hosting lavish banquets—you name it; Linlithgow Palace was the place to be if you were someone important back then! Crafted with care by artists who really knew their stuff—if these walls could talk… Well anyway—I reckon standing where legendary figures once stood gives me goosebumps every time I visit.

James IV and Margaret Tudor

Moving from the early days of Linlithgow Palace, we step into a remarkable story that reads like a fairy tale—James IV and Margaret Tudor’s life at this majestic location. The palace was much loved by the couple, serving not just as a residence but as a symbol of their union.

James IV was quite the builder; he put his heart into enhancing Linlithgow, adding bits to impress his queen. They were like celebrities of their time, and imagine—the walls we see today once echoed with their laughter and whispers of state secrets.

Margaret Tudor must have felt like she stepped into another world marrying James IV and moving to Scotland. Their lives intertwined deeply with Linlithgow Palace, making it more than iconic—it became historical heartbeat during their reign.

This place wasn’t just bricks and stones; it was home to love stories, political dramas, and even welcomed new heirs to the throne. As I walk through those halls today, I can’t help but feel transported back in time, imagining the grand feasts or hearing faint echoes of royal decree announcements bouncing off these aged walls—ahh..

history is alive here!

James V

So, after James IV and Margaret Tudor set the stage, their son takes it from there. James V was born at Linlithgow Palace, a fact that adds a thick layer of history to its already impressive walls.

This king wasn’t just any royalty; he had big plans for the palace. Yes, you heard right—James V decided that this stunning spot needed a bit more flair and commissioned further building work.

Imagine strolling through those halls knowing you’re walking in the same spaces where a king once roamed, dreaming up his next big project.

But hold on—it gets even cooler. Have you ever sat down for an episode of Outlander? If you have, then Linlithgow Palace might look a tad familiar because yes—it featured as the prison entrance and corridors where Jamie was locked away! Now tell me, how amazing is it to visit a place not only steeped in real history but also part of TV fame? It’s like stepping into your screen and back in time—all at once.

Walking through Linlithgow Palace’s rooms today, I can’t help but feel connected to those stories and characters from centuries ago. The air feels different here, almost as if it’s whispering tales of kings’ dreams and queens’ whispers..

or maybe that’s just my imagination running wild again! But either way—what an experience.

Mary, Queen of Scots

I must tell you about Mary, Queen of Scots. She was born right here at Linlithgow Palace. It’s a big deal because she became one of the most famous queens in history. The palace was a favourite spot for her family, the Stewart kings and queens.

Imagine walking through the same halls where she first opened her eyes to the world!

The great hall and chapel are standout spots in the palace, especially knowing Mary Queen of Scots started her life’s journey here. Walking around, I often think about how these walls once echoed with royal footsteps and historic whispers—kinda sends shivers down your spine!

James VI

So, here’s a bit of interesting info for you. James VI, he was actually born at Linlithgow Palace! Yep, that’s right – the very place we’re chatting about. This spot has more than its fair share of royal stories, but imagine being able to say, “I was born in a palace!” Not too shabby, eh? And it doesn’t stop there.

James VI also had his fingers in the pie when it came to getting some building work done around here. So next time you’re wandering through Linlithgow and taking in all its splendour – spare a thought for good ol’ James VI and his contributions to making this place what it is today.

Strolling through those halls and rooms gives off quite the vibe when you think about their history. It’s like wandering back in time.. or walking on the set of an epic historical drama (without the cameras).

Each nook and cranny is filled with tales from yesteryears – especially knowing someone as notable as James VI started his life journey here. Makes you look at those walls a bit differently, doesn’t it?.

Decay and Repair

Linlithgow Palace has seen a lot of history, and with that comes some wear and tear. After its glory days hosting kings and queens, the palace didn’t get the care it needed. In fact, it was left alone so much that parts of it started to fall apart.

It’s sad to think about such a beautiful place losing its sparkle.

But not all hope was lost! People began to see how important Linlithgow Palace is. They started fixing what time had damaged. Even though we can’t bring back everything as it was, efforts have been made to keep the palace standing tall.

Now when visitors come, they can still feel the magic of the past while walking through rooms that have been touched up just enough to let imaginations run wild.

The thing is, Scotland’s weather doesn’t always play nice with plans to visit this amazing spot. The palace sometimes has to close without warning because of bad weather or other surprises nobody saw coming.

I always check if there are any last-minute closures before I head out – just in case! This way, I make sure my trip isn’t spoiled by something unexpected.

Keepers and Captains of the Palace

So, let’s chat about the folks who kept Linlithgow Palace running smoothly. We’re talking about the keepers and captains here. They were like the CEOs of their time for this grand place.

Over the years, many people played these roles, making sure everything ticked along nicely. They organised events, looked after security, and probably dealt with a lot of drama – imagine trying to keep peace in such a bustling palace!

These guys had their work cut out for them. Think about it: they were responsible for one of Scotland’s most important buildings! It wasn’t just any old house; kings and queens walked these halls.

The keeper had to be on top of his game 24/7 – no pressure then! From James I all the way through to James VI, each monarch added their touch to the palace, leaving a lasting legacy that we can still see today.

And it wasn’t just about maintenance or throwing fancy parties; there was real power in being close to royalty. Being in charge here meant you had the ear of some very influential figures – talk about networking opportunities! These roles were crucial back then and helped shape what Linlithgow Palace has become today: an iconic piece of Scottish history that draws tourists from around the globe.

Present-Day Linlithgow Palace

Today, Linlithgow Palace stands tall with its rich history and stunning beauty. It’s a place where art meets culture in a spectacular setting.

Artistic and Cultural Uses

Linlithgow Palace has turned into a real hotspot for artists and culture lovers. You might have seen it in the TV series Outlander, right? This place isn’t just about old stones and history; it’s alive with stories that leap straight from the screen.

The great hall and chapel — oh, they are something else! Imagine stepping where James V and Mary Queen of Scots were born. It’s like walking through a door to the past.

They also hold some fabulous events here. There’s music, theater, and even jousting (yes, knights in shining armour!). For anyone chasing a cultural feast or looking to snap some stunning photos, this palace is a dream come true.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to stand where movie stars stood or see rooms that have hosted centuries of Scottish history? It’s not every day you get to do something like that.

Visiting Linlithgow Palace


Planning a trip to Linlithgow Palace is like stepping back in time. You’ll feel the history around every corner, making each moment truly special.

Plan Your Visit

I’m buzzing with excitement to tell you all about planning your visit to Linlithgow Palace. It’s a place where history leaps from the stones and whispers tales of kings and queens. Let’s jump right into the good stuff, shall we?


  1. First thing’s first, you’ll want to check opening times before you head out. They can change depending on the season, after all.
  2. Snagging tickets is a breeze online. You can book in advance to make sure you get in on your chosen day.
  3. Dive into history with an audio guide. The palace offers a brand – new one that’ll spill all the royal secrets and stories.
  4. Keep an eye on the calendar for events like Easter Eggsplorer Trails and Spectacular Jousting – they’re not to be missed!
  5. Partners with English Heritage, Cadw, and more get special ticket deals, so do check if that’s you.
  6. An Explorer Pass will be your best mate if you’re keen on visiting other iconic sites around here.
  7. Remember (oops!), there’s no need to worry about parking; Linlithgow Palace has got it sorted for visitors.
  8. Got questions? The visitor info point is your go – to spot for any help or advice during your visit.
  9. Sadly, some bits like the King’s Bed Chamber are off – limits at the moment, but there’s still plenty to see.
  10. Finally, don’t forget to wear comfy shoes – those ancient floors aren’t exactly kind on the feet!


I’m telling you, this place is something else – filled with tales of monarchy mayhem and architectural awe… You really do feel like stepping back in time! So pack your bag, grab that camera and let’s make some memories at Linlithgow Palace together!

Book Tickets

Booking tickets for Linlithgow Palace is a breeze, and honestly, it’s the first step to a fantastic adventure. You’re about to step into history, walk where kings and queens once did. Here’s my simple guide to getting those golden tickets:


  1. Jump online to the official website for Historic Scotland. This is your go – to spot for advance bookings which, trust me, you’ll want to take advantage of.
  2. Choose from several ticket options available. Got kids? There are family tickets that will save you some pennies. Flying solo or coming with a mate, there are singles and doubles too.
  3. Explorer Pass – oh yes! If you’re anything like me and crave seeing more than one historic site, this pass is a gem. Valid for 7 consecutive days, it’s your golden key to over 20 sites.
  4. Planning ahead pays off – literally! Booking your tickets in advance can snag you a spot even during the busiest times; plus, it sometimes comes with discounts.
  5. Check out the ticket types: Standard Admission if you’re just popping in for a visit but don’t forget about Member & Explorer Pass Tickets or Partner Organisation Tickets if you’re all about making the most of what Historic Scotland offers.
  6. Not sure when you’ll visit? No dramas! The website lets you choose open – dated tickets giving you flexibility on when to explore.
  7. Payment is easy-peasy lemon squeezy – pop in your details and bam – tickets are in your inbox faster than you can say “Historic Scotland”.
  8. Download or print out your tickets before arriving; showing them on your phone works too! This way, no time wasted at the entrance.
  9. Getting there early is always a good shout — especially if photography without photo bombers or exploring quietly before crowds show up is your thing.
  10. Finally, don’t forget to peek at the events calendar on the website! From jousting tourneys (yes, they still happen!) to ghostly Halloween tours, there might just be something extra special happening during your visit.


So there we have it – booking tickets to Linlithgow Palace doesn’t get simpler than this…unless they start delivering them by carrier pigeon! But until then, click through online and get ready for an unforgettable day out stepping back in time among some seriously awe-inducing ruins.

Audio Guide

I just found out visitors can download a free audio guide for Linlithgow Palace. This guide talks about the palace’s royal past and the stories of its people. It’s like having a personal tour guide in your ear, telling you secrets from hundreds of years ago.

I think it’s pretty cool because you get to learn about history at your own pace. Plus, it’s free – which is always a bonus.

The audio guide adds so much more to the visit. You hear tales that make the stone walls come alive. From kings and queens to daily life back then, it covers everything! Imagine walking through the same halls as Mary, Queen of Scots, with her voice filling your ears..

Okay, not her real voice but still exciting! So don’t forget to bring headphones; you wouldn’t want to miss out on this experience.

Opening Times

After you’ve explored Linlithgow Palace with an audio guide, you’ll want to keep track of the opening times. They change depending on the time of year. From March 29th to September 30th, the palace welcomes visitors every day from 9:30 am until 5 pm, and make sure you’re in by 4:15 pm because that’s the last entry.

Then, from October 1st to March 28th, things shift a bit – it opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm. Again, last entry is a little earlier at 3:15 pm.

So before planning your visit or booking tickets for Linlithgow Palace events like jousting or Easter Eggsplorer Trails, check these times! It ensures you won’t miss out on any fun because arriving late would be a real shame.

And trust me – with so much history and beauty packed into one place, you’ll want every minute inside this stunning palace.


So, you’ve checked the opening times and are all set for your visit. Next up, let’s talk about what facilities await you at Linlithgow Palace. First off, guess what? You won’t have to worry about going offline! The palace offers visitor Wi-Fi, so sharing those stunning photos or doing a quick check on historical facts while exploring is a breeze.

And don’t forget to grab your headphones because the palace also provides a brand-new audio guide. This isn’t just any guide — it’s free and downloadable through the Historic Scotland app.

I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff?.

Now, if like me, walking around makes you thirsty or perhaps peckish, you’ll be pleased to hear there are places nearby where you can grab a bite or a drink. Although the palace itself doesn’t house a café within its ancient walls (let’s keep those crumbs away from our history!), Linlithgow has plenty of cosy spots that would love to fill that void in your stomach with some delicious treats.

And here’s something for those of us who can never seem to remember where we parked – Linlithgow palace parking options are well-organised around the area; making sure that after your day of adventures in history and beauty, finding your way back to modernity (aka your car) is not akin to navigating through an ancient labyrinth.

What’s Nearby

A hop, skip, and a jump from Linlithgow Palace, you’ll uncover treasures like Kinneil House with its whispers of history. Then there’s Cairnpapple Hill where the views will steal your breath away – trust me on this one.

Not to forget Torphichen Preceptory; it’s like stepping into another time! Blackness Castle is next on the list, standing tall by the sea. It makes you feel like you’re part of an ancient story.

And if that’s not enough excitement for one day, Culross Abbey awaits with tales of old. Plus, Stirling and Edinburgh Castles are just a drive away – both filled with stories of kings and queens from days gone by.

With so much to see around Linlithgow Palace, every turn leads to another adventure waiting to be discovered .. Oh! And don’t forget to download that Historic Scotland app I mentioned earlier; it’s like having a personal tour guide in your pocket.

Visitor Information

Planning your trip to Linlithgow Palace? Great choice! Here’s what you need to know. You can download a fab audio guide that tells all about the royal history and secrets of the palace.

Trust me, it’s like having a personal tour from a king or queen. Plus, prices for tickets change depending on when you decide to visit, so always check before you go.

To make your visit super easy and fun, think about grabbing an Explorer Pass. It lets you into Linlithgow Palace and loads of other cool places for 7 days straight. Oh, and if you’re big on visiting historic sites, becoming a member of Historic Scotland is pretty smart.

You get free entry for a year – talk about royal treatment! Don’t forget to grab the Historic Scotland app too; it’s like having a treasure map that guides you through Scotland’s past.

Events at Linlithgow Palace

Oh, the events at Linlithgow Palace are a real treat! From Easter fun to jousting, there’s always something exciting happening. So, why not pop over and see what’s on?.

Easter Eggsplorer Trails

So, I’ve got to tell you about the Easter Eggsplorer Trails at Linlithgow Palace. Trust me, it’s the kind of adventure kids dream about and – let’s be honest – adults secretly love too.

Picture this: a stunning palace, clues scattered everywhere, and you’re on a mission to find them all. It feels like being in a real-life treasure hunt! The best part? As you dash from one clue to another, you get to explore every nook and cranny of Linlithgow Palace.

And yes, while you’re solving puzzles and following the trail, you’ll also learn some cool facts about the place without even trying.

Now, imagine the excitement when you piece together all clues and crack the code. It’s not just about bragging rights – though those are pretty great too – but there’s this feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing the trail.

Plus, exploring Linlithgow Palace in such an interactive way makes for unforgettable memories. If I were looking for something fun to do around Easter – or wanted to show off my detective skills – joining an Easter Eggsplorer Trail would be at the top of my list.

Just picture capturing those moments and sharing with friends; they wouldn’t believe what they missed out on!

Linlithgow Family Adventure

I absolutely love the fact that Linlithgow Palace offers something special for families with kids, called the Linlithgow Family Adventure. Picture exploring a grand old palace with your little ones, embarking on quests and solving puzzles together.

It’s like stepping into a storybook where history comes alive around every corner. The best part? This adventure is designed to make learning about the past fun and accessible for all ages.

Now, imagine having this exciting experience without worrying about entry fees for a whole year. Yes, you heard me right! Becoming a part of Historic Scotland means you can enjoy not just this but many such adventures across Scotland free of charge for an entire year.

Plus, their app makes it super easy to find out cool facts about the places you visit. Next up? Let’s talk jousting..

Spectacular Jousting

Jousting at Linlithgow Palace is like stepping back in time. Knights in shining armor, horses, and the sound of lances breaking – it’s all so thrilling. I always get excited thinking about the clashing of knights and the cheers from the crowd.

It feels like you’re part of history for a day.

The event brings history to life with its authentic displays. You’ll see just how skilled these knights were back then. Plus, it’s not every day you get to watch a real-life jousting tournament! The energy around is contagious; kids love it, adults are fascinated by it – truly an experience for everyone.

Other Places to Visit Near Linlithgow Palace

After you’ve soaked up all the history and charm at Linlithgow Palace, guess what? There’s more to explore nearby! The area is bursting with hidden gems and stunning spots that’ll make your camera work overtime.

So, why not keep the adventure going and check out some of these fantastic places? Trust me, they’re worth a peek.

Kinneil House

So, I found myself at Kinneil House one bright afternoon, just a stone’s throw from Linlithgow Palace. This place is a hidden gem, part of the Historic Scotland network. It’s got history seeping through its walls and gardens that whisper tales of yore.

For anyone keen on getting up close with Scotland’s past, this house is a ticket to an adventure.

With my Historic Scotland membership card in hand (best decision ever), I waltzed right in for free – feeling pretty chuffed about it, too. The app was my trusty guide, telling me stories about each corner and crevice of Kinneil House.

And guess what? They often host events here that bring history to life! Whether it’s filming or learning visits, there’s always something going on. So if you’re into exploring places steeped in heritage and don’t mind a bit of mystery, make sure you add Kinneil House to your list.

Speaking of lists.. Cairnpapple Hill is next on mine!

Cairnpapple Hill

Cairnpapple Hill lets us peek into times long gone. It’s part of Historic Scotland, which means you can explore it with the Historic Scotland app. This app is a real treasure. It tells you stories about places like Cairnpapple Hill that make you feel like you’re stepping back in history.

And guess what? If you join Historic Scotland, visiting becomes even better because you get to enter this place and others for free for a whole year. Plus, there’s always something happening here – events go on all year round.

Now, thinking about membership perks.. getting in without paying extra is pretty sweet, right? Also using that app makes exploring so much fun! I’m always up for learning new things in cool ways – especially if it feels like an adventure.

Who knows what else we’ll discover as we wander around the other historical spots nearby?.

Torphichen Preceptory

Torphichen Preceptory is a cool place not far from Linlithgow Palace. It’s got loads of history and tales tucked into its old walls. If you’re into exploring the past, it’s a must-see! Plus, if you join Historic Scotland, guess what? You can visit this spot and many others for free all year long.

They even have an app to tell you more about places like this.

Next up, there’s also Culross Abbey nearby. It’s another fantastic spot with stories to tell.

Culross Abbey

I’ve always been a bit of a history buff, especially for places that seem like they’ve leaped out of a storybook. Culross Abbey, nestled in the quaint village of Culross in Fife, Scotland, is one such place.

Founded back in 1217 by the Earl of Fife, this abbey stands as a testament to medieval architecture and Scottish religious history. Its well-preserved structures surrounded by lush landscapes simply call out to lovers of history and beauty alike.

Now, imagine roaming around an ancient site where every corner tells a tale – that’s Culross Abbey for you. It’s not just about the old stones or the serene ambiance; it’s about stepping into a slice of Scotland’s rich past.

Plus, with the Historic Scotland app at your fingertips, getting clued up on all those intriguing historical snippets has never been easier.. or more fascinating! And hey, if you’re anything like me and enjoy getting perks while supporting great causes – becoming a member means free access to this gem (and many others) for an entire year.

Supporting preservation efforts while exploring? Count me in!

Blackness Castle

So, Blackness Castle, right? It’s a must-see spot near Linlithgow Palace. This place is like stepping into history – imagine walking where Scottish kings and queens might have roamed! The castle offers an amazing chance to explore Scotland’s past.

Plus, snapping photos there will make your friends back home green with envy.

Now, here’s a tip: download the Historic Scotland app before you go. It’s like having a tour guide in your pocket but without the funny umbrella to follow around. And guess what? If you book your tickets in advance or sign up as a member of Historic Scotland, you get free entry for a year.

Talk about a deal! They’ve got all sorts of events going on throughout the year too – from film shoots to learning visits. Makes you feel part of something bigger than just a visit; it’s like getting behind the scenes of history itself!

Westquarter Dovecot

After exploring the impressive Blackness Castle, I make my way to another historical gem – Westquarter Dovecot. This place is a quiet spot listed among sites near Linlithgow Palace.

I find out that members get free access through Historic Scotland, which sounds like a fantastic deal.

I also learn something cool – they allow the dovecot for filming and educational visits. To dive deeper into its history, downloading the Historic Scotland app is a must-do for any visitor keen on Scotland’s rich heritage.

It’s part of a bigger effort to connect folks with the country’s past and traditions. For me, learning this makes the visit more meaningful.. and let’s be honest, it adds an extra layer of excitement to explore!

Dunfermline Abbey and Palace

Leaving Westquarter Dovecot behind, we head over to Dunfermline Abbey and Palace. This spot is a must-see for history buffs. The Abbey has seen centuries pass by and the palace ruins whisper old tales.

Both have stood witness to Scotland’s vivid past, making them perfect stops on your historical tour.

The best part? You can download the Historic Scotland app before you visit. It’s like having a personal guide in your pocket! This nifty app fills you in on all the fascinating details about these historic places in Scotland.

So, get ready to step back in time at Dunfermline Abbey and Palace – it’s going to be an unforgettable journey through history!

Clackmannan Tower

I just have to share this gem with you – Clackmannan Tower. It’s like stepping into a time machine, but without all the sci-fi hassle. This tower is one of the cool spots near Linlithgow Palace that tells tales of Scotland’s rich past.

You see, it’s not just any old building; it’s steeped in history and mystery.

So, here’s why Clackmannan Tower caught my eye: for starters, folks can get all sorts of info on it through the Historic Scotland app. Yes, there’s an app for that! It makes exploring so much easier.

And if you’re someone who loves getting into places free (who doesn’t?), becoming a member of Historic Scotland is your golden ticket to visiting Clackmannan Tower and over 20 other sites without spending a penny more for a full year.

This tower isn’t shy about showing off either – from films to learning visits to events, it plays host to them all. So whether you’re keen on architecture or itching for some cultural insights, Clackmannan Tower has got you covered.

After marveling at its grandeur, why not check out Stirling Castle next?.

Stirling Castle

So, let’s talk about Stirling Castle. It’s not just any old castle; it’s a place filled with stories and history that make Scotland so fascinating. This castle is one of those spots you really shouldn’t miss if you’re exploring historical sites near Linlithgow Palace.

Here’s the cool part – by becoming a member of Historic Scotland, you get to walk into this place (and others) for free for an entire year! Plus, your membership helps support all the work they do at these stunning sites.

Stirling Castle isn’t just about looking at old walls and imagining the past. They’ve got events happening all year round that bring history to life. Imagine watching jousting or getting lost in tales from centuries ago during one of their learning visits.

And hey, if you’re into photography or filming, this place offers some incredible views as backdrops! With more than 20 Historic Scotland sites now open, booking tickets in advance is a smart move – especially for popular places like Stirling Castle.

Speaking of things to do nearby..

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle sits proudly on a rock, looking over the city like an old king. It’s not just any castle; it’s a symbol of Scotland and steeped in history. You can see everything from jewels to ancient weapons there.

Oh, and if you join Historic Scotland, guess what? You get to pop into this castle and many other sites for free for a whole year. That’s right – no paying every time! They’ve got this Green Tourism gold award too, which means they’re all about looking after our beautiful planet while showing folks around.

Booking your ticket in advance is the way to go because let me tell you, everyone wants a piece of Edinburgh Castle. They’ve even jazzed up their audio guide with royal tales that will make your visit extra special.

Need more info or ready to book? Their contact details are easy to find online – just a click away – plus you’ll find out when they’re open and how much tickets are.

Now, thinking about places nearby..

Staying Near Linlithgow Palace

Staying near Linlithgow Palace is a dream – imagine waking up to the view of historic walls each morning! Explore more and plan your perfect stay.


I’m here to chat about where you can stay near Linlithgow Palace. Oh, and trust me, there are some lovely spots!


  1. Local B&Bs: First up, we’ve got the bed and breakfasts. These places feel just like home. They offer comfy rooms and a hearty breakfast to start your day right. Each one has its unique charm, making your stay special.
  2. Hotels: If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, the hotels around Linlithgow won’t disappoint. From modern amenities to luxurious rooms, they cater to all your needs. Plus, many have stunning views of the palace or loch.
  3. Self-Catering Cottages: Fancy a place all to yourself? The self-catering cottages around Linlithgow are perfect. Cook up a storm in your own kitchen or relax in the living area after a long day of exploring.
  4. Camping Sites: For the adventurous souls, camping sites near Linlithgow provide a closer-to-nature experience. Wake up to birds chirping and enjoy evenings under the stars. Just make sure to bring your tent and sleeping bags!
  5. Hostels: Travelling on a budget? The hostels in the area have got you covered with affordable rates and communal areas to meet fellow travellers. It’s a great way to save money while making new friends.
  6. Apartment Rentals: Last but not least, renting an apartment might be the go-to for families or groups wanting more space and privacy. With various sizes available, you can find one that fits everyone comfortably.


So, whether you’re here for Linlithgow Palace’s history or its breathtaking views, finding the perfect place to stay is easy peasy!


So, you’ve decided to visit Linlithgow Palace? Great choice! This place isn’t just about the stunning views and rich history; there’s a bunch of activities to keep you entertained. Here’s a look at what you can get up to:


  1. Grab your phone or camera, because you’ll want to catch the incredible architecture and scenic beauty. The palace and its surroundings are perfect for photos. Imagine snapping shots of the ancient ruins with the loch in the background… talk about profile picture goals!
  2. Have kiddos with you? They’ll love the Easter Eggsplorer Trails. It’s like a treasure hunt, but with Easter eggs! And who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ hunt for treasures?
  3. Ready for some action? The Linlithgow Family Adventure could be right up your alley. Think of it as a fun day out, packed with challenges that’ll have you exploring every nook and cranny of the palace.
  4. Now, if you’re into something truly spectacular, don’t miss out on the jousting events. Yes, real jousting like in medieval times! It’s not everyday you get to see knights in shining armour duking it out.
  5. History buffs, unite! Downloading the Historic Scotland app is a game – changer. It’s like having your own personal tour guide without the crowded group tours.
  6. Speaking of tours, why not try an audio guide around Linlithgow Palace? Dive into stories about Mary Queen of Scots or James V at your own pace.
  7. Strolling around the palace is cool, but have you tried it with a theme? The Linlithgow Palace walk is not just any walk—it’s a journey back in time!
  8. If music’s your thing, keep an ear out for concerts here at the palace grounds—imagine listening to live music surrounded by centuries of history!
  9. Got some energy left? Venture beyond the palace walls for the Linlithgow Palace and Loch circular walk—a refreshing way to stretch those legs while soaking in nature and history all at once.
  10. Finally, becoming a member of Historic Scotland isn’t just about free access—for me personally, supporting their work means I’m part of preserving this gem for future generations.


So there we have it – loads to do at Linlithgow Palace that can fill your day with adventure, learning, and loads of fun snapshots!

Dining Options

Exploring Linlithgow Palace works up quite the appetite, I’ll tell you! Good news is, there are plenty of spots nearby to grab a bite. Here’s where I love to eat when I visit:


  1. The Palace Café – Right on the grounds, this little gem serves up quick bites like sandwiches and soup. Perfect for a quick refuel before you carry on exploring.
  2. Four Marys – Just a short walk from the palace, this traditional pub dishes out hearty Scottish meals. Their fish and chips are my go-to!
  3. Taste Linlithgow – If you fancy trying local produce, this café is your spot. They have amazing cakes that pair wonderfully with their selection of teas.
  4. Barleo – Pizza or pasta fan? This Italian restaurant won’t disappoint. It’s cosy and the food never fails to hit the spot.
  5. The Vennel Gallery Coffee Shop – A bit off the beaten path but worth it for their homemade scones and stunning views of the palace.


Somewhere in there, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy! Each place has its own charm and delicious offerings that make my trips here even more delightful. Plus, you know what they say—a full belly makes a happy heart… especially when it’s filled with Scottish treats!

How to Get to Linlithgow Palace

Heading to Linlithgow Palace? You’re in luck! It’s a breeze to reach, whether you’re driving or hopping on public transport. Just key in the address or ask for directions – and you’re on your way to an adventure into Scotland’s past!


So, you’re thinking about visiting Linlithgow Palace? Great choice! This stunning spot is easier to reach than you might think, especially with trains zooming in from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Plus, the palace has got your parking needs covered and sits pretty on a public transport route.

Now, let me walk you through how to get there without any fuss:


  1. Starting off, grab a train if you’re coming from Edinburgh or Glasgow. The journey is a breeze and drops you close to the action. Trains are frequent, making life easy.
  2. Once you hop off the train, it’s a short walk to the palace. Follow the signs – they’ll point you in the right direction. You can’t miss it; trust me.
  3. Driving? No worries! The palace postcode for your sat – nav is EH49 7AL. Roads are well marked, so driving there is pretty straightforward.
  4. Parking at Linlithgow Palace is simple – there are spots near the entrance. For those needing accessible parking or a drop-off point, they’ve got that sorted too.
  5. Fancy a bus ride? Several bus lines will bring you close to where all the magic happens. Check local routes for one that stops nearby.
  6. Cyclists, rejoice! If two wheels are more your style, cycling paths lead straight to Linlithgow Palace.
  7. Lastly, if walking’s your thing and you’re staying nearby, why not enjoy a leisurely stroll through Linlithgow’s charming streets on your way to the palace?


There we go – reaching Linlithgow Palace couldn’t be simpler! Whether by rail, road or footpath, getting here is part of the adventure and I guarantee it’s worth every step (or pedal). So pack your bags and set your course – Linlithgow Palace awaits!

Driving in Scotland

Driving in Scotland is an adventure I always look forward to. The roads wind through some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll ever see. From the bustling cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, getting to places like Linlithgow Palace is a breeze, especially with regular train services available.

But if you’re like me and love the freedom of exploring at your own pace, driving is the way to go.

Linlithgow Palace sits pretty close to both these cities. And don’t worry about parking because they’ve got that sorted with spaces right there at the palace. For those who need it, there’s accessible parking or a drop-off point too, making sure everyone has easy access to this historic gem.

I find myself drawn back by not just the beauty but how easy it is to hop in a car and find myself stepping back in time at one of Scotland’s prized locations. With public transport routes well-connected too, flexibility in your travel plans makes for stress-free adventures—I’m all for that! Whether it’s hitting play on my audio guide or chasing after Easter Eggsplorer Trails with the family, every visit feels unique when you start behind your own wheel.

Public Transportation Options

I’ve got some fantastic news for all you tourists planning to visit Linlithgow Palace. Getting there couldn’t be easier, thanks to the variety of public transportation options available. Whether you’re coming from Edinburgh or Glasgow, or flying in and wondering how on earth you’re going to reach this stunning piece of history without a car, worry not! I’ve got you covered with some handy tips:

Trains are your best friend here. Regular services run from Edinburgh and Glasgow directly to Linlithgow. The journey is pretty straightforward – hop on, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Once you get off at Linlithgow station, it’s just a short walk to the palace. You’ll see signs pointing the way, so you won’t get lost.

Buses are also an option if trains aren’t your thing. The palace is located on a well-serviced bus route, making it super accessible no matter where you’re coming from. Just check the local timetables online or use the Historic Scotland app for up-to-date information.

Speaking of apps, the Historic Scotland app is like having a travel buddy in your pocket. Not only can it help with bus and train times but also… wait for it… parking information if you decide to hire a car last minute!

Parking isn’t a headache either (Yes, even for those who decide public transport isn’t their cup of tea). There’s accessible parking nearby which doubles as drop-off points if someone’s giving you a lift – how convenient is that?

Lastly, here’s something cool – once you’re at Linlithgow Palace, don’t forget to make full use of their facilities tailored for visitors arriving by public transport. It seems they thought of everything! So pull out that phone, grab those tickets online (saving yourself from queue drama), and get ready for an epic adventure exploring ancient halls where kings and queens once walked. Oh, and before I forget – keep an eye out for that famous fountain; it’s quite something! Happy travels!

Tips for Visiting Linlithgow Palace

Ready for a trip to Linlithgow Palace? Here’s something you need to know – always check the weather before you head out. It can be quite the spoiler if it decides to rain! And, don’t forget your camera; this place is a feast for the eyes, and you’ll want to capture every moment.

Practical Information

Booking tickets for Linlithgow Palace is easy and can save you time. Just hop onto the official website or give them a ring at 01506 842 896 to sort it out. Prices vary through the year, so checking online for the latest info is a smart move.

Got an Explorer Pass? You’re in luck! This handy pass lets you roam around iconic sites for seven consecutive days, including this gorgeous palace.

Getting there couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re driving or taking public transport, directions are clear as day online. If driving’s your choice, remember Scotland’s roads are scenic but can get busy during peak tourist seasons – plan ahead!

Up next, we dive into why Linlithgow Palace is more than just a pretty place..

Availability Search

Moving smoothly from the need-to-know basics, it’s crucial to talk about checking if tickets are available for Linlithgow Palace. It’s a piece of cake really! You just have to go online and find Linlithgow Palace tickets.

Make sure you do this before you set off. Why? Well, nobody likes being turned away at the door, right? Plus, with Historic Scotland properties now open, including our lovely palace here, booking in advance is smart.

It saves time and hassle.

Now, for those who love planning ahead (like me), becoming a member of Historic Scotland is like holding an all-access pass. Imagine strolling into Linlithgow Palace—and many other historic sites—without paying every single time.

Just flash your membership card and you’re in! So yes, doing a quick search for ticket availability not only secures your spot but also gives you more bang for your buck if you’re visiting multiple places.

Trust me; it’s one of those small steps that make big adventures smooth sailing—or should I say castle exploring?.

Terms and Conditions

I’ve got some handy info that’ll make your visit to Linlithgow Palace smooth sailing. So, if you’re eyeing those perks like free entry for a year, joining Historic Scotland is your golden ticket.

And guess what? That membership does more than save pennies—it helps keep the place awesome for future visits.

Also, think of it as VIP access—partners like English Heritage get special ticket deals. Just imagine walking through those doors feeling a bit like royalty yourself! Don’t worry about digging through boring legal stuff; I’m here to guide you right through it.

Awards and Accreditations

Linlithgow Palace shines with pride, thanks to its Green Tourism gold award. Add to that the Scottish Tourist Board four-star historic attraction badge, and you know this place is special.

Oh, and let’s not forget the John Muir Way stamping station logo—it’s like a cherry on top! These accolades are like a round of applause for Linlithgow Palace’s commitment to keeping history alive and kicking while loving our planet.

Now, getting these awards isn’t just about having a shiny plaque on the wall. It tells us visitors that we’re stepping into a spot that’s top-notch—not just in preserving tales from yesteryears but also in offering an experience that’s mindful of Mother Nature.

Plus, knowing it’s recognised by serious tourism folks makes me all giddy—like I’m about to walk through scenes straight out of “Outlander.” Trust me; visiting places with such stamps of approval adds so much more spice to our adventures!

Contact Details

So, you’re planning to visit Linlithgow Palace and need the details on whom to call? Easy. The number you want is 01506 842 896. That’s your golden ticket to getting any info you might need about visiting this historic spot.

Whether it’s opening times, special events like the Linlithgow Palace Jousting 2024, or just a simple query on whether your furry friend can tag along, they’ve got the answers.

Now, I’m all for being prepared before setting off on an adventure. So jotting down that number means you’re one step ahead. Need to book tickets in advance? Check. Wondering about those audio guides I mentioned? They can help with that too.

Honestly, having that contact ready just makes everything smoother—like knowing there’s a friendly voice at the end of the line ready to assist (or direct me towards the closest cafe after exploring — hey, exploring is thirsty work!).

And here’s a little tip from me: Give them a buzz if you’re eyeing up any of those spectacular events—they tend to sell out fast! Plus, it never hurts to ask about lesser-known spots around Linlithgow Palace worth checking out; sometimes those gems make for the best photos..

or so I’ve heard.

Ratings Overview

Well, folks, I’ve just got to tell you about the ratings for Linlithgow Palace. It’s like a hidden gem that’s not so hidden after all, given its achievements! This magnificent slice of history has bagged itself some pretty impressive accolades. With a Scottish Tourist Board four-star historic attraction badge shining in its portfolio and the Green Tourism gold award…I mean, come on, that’s no small feat! It’s like the palace itself is telling us, “I might be old, but I still got it!”

Imagine this: more than 20 of Historic Scotland’s sites are now waving their doors open to us, and Linlithgow Palace is right there, at the forefront, leading the charge with its stellar ratings. Trust me, it’s not every day you see such a fantastic blend of history and recognition. Now, let’s get down to brass tacks and lay out these ratings in a way that’s easy to digest – because, let’s face it, we’re all about keeping things breezy and fun around here.


Rating Category Score Comments
Historical Significance 5/5 “A journey through Scotland’s past, one stone at a time.”
Visitor Experience 4.5/5 “From engaging tours to breathtaking views, it’s almost a full package!”
Family-Friendly 4/5 “Kids love the adventure, though the cobblestones might challenge the prams.”
Accessibility 3.5/5 “A wee bit of a challenge for some, but efforts are in place to improve.”
Eco-Friendliness 5/5 “Green Tourism gold award says it all – they’re leading by example!”
Value for Money 4.5/5 “Considering the richness of the experience, it’s more than worth the ticket!”


So, there you have it. These ratings aren’t just numbers; they’re a testament to Linlithgow Palace’s charm, its commitment to preserving history, and its promise of a splendid visit. And hey, with recommendations to book in advance, it’s clear this place is no secret among the savvy tourists and history buffs alike. I’m already looking forward to my next visit, and I bet you’re now itching to plan your own. Trust me, this palace is ready to impress.


1. “Is Linlithgow Palace actually in ‘Outlander’?”

Oh, absolutely! Fans of the show will be thrilled to find that Linlithgow Palace doubles as Wentworth Prison. It’s a must-see for anyone wanting to walk in the footsteps of their favourite characters… just watch out for any time-travelling stones!

2. “Can I have my wedding at Linlithgow Palace, or is it just in fairy tales?”

Dreams do come true! You can indeed tie the knot at Linlithgow Palace. Imagine saying your vows with such historic and romantic scenery as your backdrop – talk about a storybook wedding.

3. “What’s this I hear about a fountain that flows with wine?”

Okay, so it might not flow with wine today (sadly), but during special occasions back in the day, Linlithgow Palace’s fountain was known to spout wine instead of water! These days, you’ll have to bring your own bottle if you fancy a tipple while exploring.

4. “Do dogs get to explore too, or is it a no-paw zone?”

Good news for our furry friends – Linlithgow Palace is dog friendly! Just keep them on their leads and away from any ancient artefacts… we wouldn’t want an Indiana Bones situation.

5. “Are there ghosts? Tell me there are ghosts.”

Well, if whispers are anything to go by, some say the palace halls are haunted by Mary Queen of Scots herself among others! Whether you’re hunting for history or spectres, this place has got you covered.

6. “How do I get there without getting lost in time like some sort of Outlander episode?”

Fear not; getting lost in time isn’t on the agenda (though no promises). From Edinburgh, it’s quite straightforward – hop on a train or take a short drive and before you know it, voila! You’re stepping into Scotland’s past without any unexpected detours through time.