So, let’s chat about the Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian. This place? It has a story that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, with a mission to shout about from the rooftops! Care to know more? Keep reading..


Back in 2005, a small family decided to open Five Sisters Zoo. This place started off tiny but had loads of love and dreams packed into it. The family poured their hearts into making it a special spot for everyone who visited.

Over the years, this zoo turned from a dream into a home for over 160 different species from all corners of the world! Talk about growth, right?.

The most touching part of its story? Five Sisters Zoo has become a haven for rescued brown bears. It’s not every day you hear about folks going above and beyond like that. They didn’t stop there—the zoo keeps expanding its family by taking in lions that used to perform in circuses and other animals needing help too.

So yeah, visiting this place is like stepping into a storybook where every critter has its tale of finding home sweet home here in West Lothian.


The mission at Five Sisters Zoo is simple but powerful. This place loves its animals and wants you to love them too! The zoo works hard to make sure all the creatures, big and small, are happy and healthy.

They follow strict rules to keep the animals well cared for. It’s not just about seeing the animals; it’s about learning from them and helping protect their wild cousins.

Their goal is mighty – they aim to rescue those in need and teach us all a thing or two about conservation along the way. With special school visits and hands-on experiences, they bring people closer than ever to nature’s wonders.

From rescuing circus bears to caring for over 180 different species, this zoo does it all with heart.

Next up, let’s chat about the amazing variety of animals waiting for you at Five Sisters Zoo..

Animals at the Zoo

At Five Sisters Zoo, you’ll meet over 160 different kinds of animals, from rescued circus bears and lions to wolves and gibbons. It’s a real adventure waiting for you – fancy meeting some new furry friends?.

Over 160 different species

So, I went to Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian and guess what? They have over 160 different species from around the globe. It’s like a mini world tour! You get to see animals you’ve probably only dreamed of.

And yes, they even have Scotland’s only cheetah. Imagine standing just a few feet away from such incredible speed and grace.

The best part? This place isn’t just about watching animals. They also rescue them, like brown bears that used to be in circuses. It feels good knowing my ticket helps give these animals a better life.

So, if you love animals as much as I do, this zoo is definitely worth visiting. See lions lounging around or wolves roaming – it’s all here!

Rescued circus bears and lions

I absolutely love animals, and nothing warms my heart more than stories of rescued ones finding new homes. That’s exactly what makes Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian so special to me – it’s a haven for animals that have had tough starts in life, especially the rescued circus bears and lions.

Here’s why you should be just as excited about them as I am:


  1. The zoo is home to over 180 different species, but the circus bears and lions hold a special place. Their stories of rescue and recovery are both heart-wrenching and heartwarming.
  2. Keeper talks happen daily, giving us a closer look at these magnificent creatures. It’s not just about seeing them lounge or play; it’s learning about their journey from captivity to care.
  3. Feeding sessions are part of the day too. Watching these once neglected animals eat with such gusto feels like watching a victory lap against their past lives.
  4. Handling sessions might sound surprising, but they’re there – under strict supervision, of course! It shows how much trust these animals have regained in humans.
  5. School visits can get an educational spin on this tale of resilience. It teaches compassion along with biology – something textbooks struggle to convey.
  6. What could be better than supporting their continued care? The on – site restaurant and gift shop offer just that opportunity, making every purchase a little act of kindness towards these animals.
  7. They’ve got full-time protection now, being cared for year-round in the zoo’s safe environment. Knowing they’ll never have to perform or suffer again gives a bit of peace to any animal lover’s soul.
  8. For more details or ways to help out, reaching out is easy: just ring them up at 01506 87 00 00 or shoot an email to

Seeing these majestic creatures up close, knowing they’re finally safe and cared for, really puts the cherry on top of any visit to Five Sisters Zoo for me. And I reckon it will for you too!

Wolves and lynx

After learning about the rescued circus bears and lions, let’s shift our focus to some other incredible animals at Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian – the wolves and lynx. Trust me, this part is just as thrilling.

  1. Five Sisters Zoo is home to both wolves and lynx, making it a fantastic spot for folks who love these majestic creatures.
  2. Visitors get the chance to see them up close, which is quite the experience. Imagine standing just a few feet away!
  3. This zoo follows strict animal welfare guidelines for wolves and lynx, so you know they’re well cared for.
  4. The staff here are super dedicated to their welfare. They really go above and beyond.
  5. Fancy learning more? There are handling sessions and keeper talks about wolves and lynx. It’s cool to get all those insider details.
  6. People love how well these animals are housed. The positive reviews about their enclosures keep coming in!
  7. And guess what? The zoo is getting even bigger with new enclosures for these amazing animals under construction.


So there you have it! A tiny snippet into the lives of wolves and lynx at Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder. Perfect for any animal lover out there, right?


Gibbons at Five Sister Zoo West Lothian are something special. I get so excited just thinking about them! These creatures have a charm that’s hard to forget. The zoo is home to more than 180 species, but gibbons..they’re among my favourites.

Their playful nature and how they swing from branch to branch – it’s like watching a live-action adventure film!

Spending time with these animals is magical. The zoo offers daily handling sessions, and yes, the gibbons are part of this amazing experience! Imagine holding hands with a gibbon or watching it perform acrobatic feats right in front of your eyes—truly unforgettable moments await you here.

So, if you’re planning a visit, make sure you’ve got your camera ready; those gibbon smiles are too good not to capture.

And here’s a little whisper for all animal lovers out there – seeing these gibbons up close reminds us why places like Five Sisters Zoo matter so much. They not only provide care but also teach us about the importance of protecting such incredible creatures.

Trust me, after meeting them, you’ll leave the zoo with not just photos but stories worth telling over and over again!

Visitor Information

So, you’re keen to visit Five Sisters Zoo? Brilliant choice! No need to book ahead – just turn up and dive right into the fun. It’s easy peasy to plan your trip, with all the info on opening times and ticket prices ready for you.

Opening times

I always make sure to check the opening times before I head out on an adventure. And for those planning a visit to Five Sisters Zoo West Lothian, here’s the scoop – they open their doors at 10 am and keep them wide open until 5 pm every single day.

Pretty handy, right? Oh, and don’t let your excitement make you lose track of time because they stop letting folks in 1.5 hours before closing.

This zoo doesn’t take a break, well, except on Christmas Day and the first of January. So practically any day is good for a visit unless you were thinking of popping by with New Year’s greetings or spreading some holiday cheer on Christmas – that’s when even animals enjoy some quiet time! Keeping these details in mind can save you from disappointment and help plan your trip better to this fascinating place in Gavieside West Calder West Lothian EH55 8PT.

No booking required

You just show up! That’s right, no need to book ahead to visit Five Sisters Zoo. This means you can decide to come over on a whim if the weather looks nice or if you’re looking for something fun to do last minute.

The zoo is open from 10am until 5pm every day, giving you plenty of time to explore, see the animals, and enjoy all the attractions without having to plan weeks in advance.

Walking into Five Sisters Zoo without booking in advance takes away that extra step of planning. It feels great not having those extra emails cluttering your inbox or worrying about printouts.

Last admission is at 3:30 pm – that gives you enough time to make spontaneous plans and still get through the whole zoo before closing. So easy and stress-free! Plus, it makes it perfect for surprising friends or family with an unexpected day out among exotic animals and fun activities.

Ticket prices and offers

Alright then, let me tell you a bit about what it costs to hang out with some of the coolest animals you’ll probably ever see. We’re talking lions, gibbons, wolves… and that’s just scratching the surface. Now, you might be thinking, “This is going to cost me an arm and a leg!” Well, my friend, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The folks at Five Sisters Zoo have made sure visiting won’t break the bank.


Visitor Type Price
Adults £12.95
Children £10.45


And here’s a nifty bit – those prices are just the start. Sure, there’s a small extra charge if you fancy a more hands-on experience, like the lemur feeds or handling sessions. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to get up close with some of the most unique animals around? Worth every penny, if you ask me.

Now, moving swiftly on, you’ll definitely want to know what else you can get up to at the zoo besides making new animal pals…

How to get there

Getting to Five Sisters Zoo is a breeze, honestly. It’s nestled in Gavieside, West Calder, just 25 minutes west of Edinburgh – so you’re not far from a brilliant day out. Fancy a train ride? Hop on one and make your way to the nearest station.

Or if buses are more your thing, there’s a route that gets you close by too. Here’s the cool part – the zoo offers a pick-up service from the nearest train or bus station if their minibus is available.

Just give them a ring ahead of time.

Driving? Pop EH55 8PT into your sat-nav and follow the directions straight to an adventure at Five Sisters Zoo. Parking won’t be an issue – there’s plenty! So whether you’re coming from Livingston, Uphall or even North Berwick, getting here couldn’t be easier.

A trip to see over 160 different species including rescued circus bears and lions awaits you..what are you waiting for?.

Nearby attractions

So, you’re planning a visit to Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder, right? Well, let me tell you, the adventure doesn’t stop there. West Lothian offers a treasure trove of attractions that’ll make your trip even more memorable. Here’s a nifty list of places you must check out while you’re in the area.

First up, Almond Valley. It’s this fascinating spot where history meets nature. You’ve got farm animals, old mills, and even a miniature railway! Kids love it here, and I bet adults will too. It’s like stepping into a storybook version of Scotland’s past.

Next on the list is Bathgate Cinema. Fancy catching a film? This place has got all the latest releases. It’s perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love popcorn?

Then there’s the Bridge 19-40 Canal Society. Ever thought about taking a boat trip on the Union Canal? This is where you can live that dream. They offer guided tours that are both relaxing and informative—a great way to see the countryside from a different angle.

Oh, and if you’re craving more animal encounters, Scottish Seabird Centre isn’t too far away either. From puffins to gannets, the bird life is stunning!

Now for something completely different – Bass Rock. Okay, it might require a bit of travel but trust me; it’s worth it for the views alone! Plus, you get to say hello to one of the world’s largest gannet populations.

Closer to Five Sisters Zoo is Polkemmet Country Park—ideal for walks and picnics with family or friends. There are playgrounds for children and even a golf course if you fancy hitting some balls.

And finally, for those who enjoy being by the water – Union Canal offers lovely waterside paths perfect for walking or cycling.

All these spots near Five Sisters Zoo promise extra fun and adventure on your trip to West Lothian…

Feeling pumped about all these places? Well good news; I’m just getting started on what else is waiting for you at Five Sisters Zoo!

Support and Conservation Efforts

I’m really excited to share about how the Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder, West Lothian is doing amazing things for animals. This place isn’t just another zoo; they’re deeply committed to conservation and making a better life for the creatures under their care.

The zoo has become a safe haven for animals that had tough lives before, like rescued circus bears and lions. It’s heartwarming to know these majestic beings have found a peaceful home where they’re loved and cared for.

Their dedication goes beyond rescue missions. They are building new homes for the animals, such as the new penguin enclosure currently under construction. This effort shows how serious they are about providing the best habitats possible, mimicking natural environments as closely as can be achieved within the zoo’s confines.

Plus, supporting these efforts means we’re part of something bigger—helping wildlife thrive right here at Five Sisters Zoo Gavieside West Calder EH55 8PT.

And it doesn’t stop with just housing animals; there’s an emphasis on education too. By teaching visitors about these incredible species and their natural habitats, the zoo spreads awareness on important environmental issues facing our planet today—encouraging us all to take action in our own ways towards conservation.

What’s On at Five Sisters Zoo

At Five Sisters Zoo, there’s always something fun and exciting happening, so why not pop over to see what’s on?

Special events

I always get a buzz thinking about the special events at Five Sisters Zoo. It’s like they’ve cracked the code on how to make every visit unforgettable, especially with their knack for bringing us closer to nature in the most fun ways possible. So here’s my rundown of what’s on offer, and trust me, you’ll want to add these to your calendar.

Handling sessions are a big hit. Imagine getting up close with snakes, bearded dragons, tortoises, hedgehogs, and giant African land snails. It’s hands-on learning and incredibly cool.

Keeper talks give us the inside scoop on what goes into caring for over 160 different species. The stories are as wild as the animals themselves!

Feeding sessions – oh boy, these are a must-see. Watching the lions chow down or the bears playfully fight over treats is something else.

School visits make learning way more fun than just sitting in class. The zoo does an ace job at mixing education with excitement.

Special interest group visits cater to everyone’s curiosity. Whether you’re into reptiles or birds, there’s something that will catch your eye.

Half-day zoo keeper experiences let you step into the shoes of those who care for these animals daily. It’s both enlightening and heartwarming.

What I absolutely love is that all these events aim to educate and inspire conservation efforts among visitors of all ages. You leave not just with memories but also a deeper understanding of our planet’s wildlife. Planning my next trip already!

Educational programmes

Right after you’ve checked out the fantastic special events at Five Sisters Zoo, let’s chat about their educational programmes. These programmes are truly something. They make learning about animals fun and interactive. So, if you’re up for a bit of adventure and a lot of fascinating facts, read on!

First off, they offer school visits that’ll make any classroom buzz with excitement. Imagine swapping desks and textbooks for lions, bears, and lemurs! Teachers love it because it matches the curriculum perfectly.

They also have half-day zookeeper experiences. This one’s a real treat. You get to be a zookeeper for half a day! It means feeding animals, cleaning enclosures, and more hands-on stuff.

Daily handling sessions are up next. Here, you can actually touch some of the friendly creatures under expert supervision. It feels amazing to get close to an animal you’ve only seen in books or on TV before.

Keeper talks happen every day too. The keepers share cool stories and facts about the animals they care for. It’s like meeting animal celebrities backstage!

Last but not least, there’s the ‘feed the lemur’ session. Ever wanted to hand-feed a lemur? Well, here’s your chance! It’s as fun as it sounds and super educational.

All these activities meet animal welfare guidelines too – which means fun for us doesn’t mean trouble for them. Learning at Five Sisters Zoo isn’t just about watching animals from afar; it’s diving into their world responsibly and learning how to protect them. So yeah, education here is wild—in the best way possible!

Facilities and Accommodations

After a day full of animal adventures, you’ll be chuffed to hear that the Five Sisters Zoo also sorts out your grub and souvenir needs with its cafe and gift shop. And if you’re knackered from all the excitement and fancy staying over, The Court Residence offers cosy digs just a stone’s throw away.

So why not make it a proper adventure? Come see us!

Cafe and gift shop

I absolutely love popping into the cafe at Five Sisters Zoo. It’s called Leaping Lemurs Indoor Cafe, and let me tell you, it’s a real treat after a morning of exploring. They’ve got all sorts of goodies that can perk you right up.

Coffee? Check. Snacks for the little ones? Oh yes. And sitting down with my cuppa, watching the kids have a blast in the softplay area nearby – priceless.

Now, onto the gift shop – this place is like finding hidden treasure! I always manage to snag some unique gifts for friends back home (and okay, maybe a little something for myself too).

From adorable plush animals that remind you of your favourite zoo residents to custom mementos that have “best day ever” written all over them, it’s hard not to walk out with a bag full.

Trust me, it’s worth stopping by before heading home; those last-minute souvenirs are lifesavers for birthdays and holidays around the corner!

Plan Your Visit

So, got plans to visit us? Well, you’re in for a treat! We’ve made searching for availability and checking out accommodation options as easy as pie.

Availability search

I always check how busy the Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder, West Lothian, might be before I plan a visit. It’s a breeze to do! With the zoo open every day from 10 am to 5 pm except for Christmas and 1 January, it’s easy to find a good time to go.

The last chance to get in is an hour and a half before they close up. This means there’s plenty of time for fun.

A neat tip: no need to book ahead! You can just turn up and buy your tickets. This makes me really happy because it fits my sometimes spur-of-the-moment decisions. And if you’re like me, always looking for the best deal, keep an eye out on their site or social media for any special ticket prices or offers that pop up.

Finding your way there isn’t hard either. Whether driving or taking public transport, directions are clear – checking online maps has never led me astray! Plus, thinking about where you’ll stay? Options range from cosy spots nearby to more adventurous choices – all within reach of this great little adventure spot at Gavieside, West Calder, EH55 8PT.

Accommodation options

So you’ve just finished planning your visit to Five Sisters Zoo by checking the availability… Now, let’s move on to where you’ll be staying. West Lothian offers a cosy bed for every kind of traveller, whether you’re here for the zoo or planning to explore more. From luxury hotels to charming bed and breakfasts, I’ve got all the details right here.

Here are your accommodation options in West Lothian:


  1. Hotels: Popping up like daisies, hotels in West Lothian cater to those who love a bit of pampering. Think comfy beds, room service, and sometimes even a spa. Perfect after a day at Five Sisters Zoo.
  2. Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs): For a more personal touch, B&Bs are where it’s at. You get a warm bed and a hot breakfast, often cooked by the owners themselves. It’s like visiting family – if your family ran a mini hotel.
  3. Holiday Rentals: Fancy having an entire place to yourself? Holiday rentals range from snug flats in Broxburn to countryside cottages near West Calder. Ideal for families or groups wanting their own space.
  4. Resorts: If you’re here to spoil yourself silly, check out the resorts around West Lothian. Whether it’s golfing, spa treatments or all-inclusive deals that tickle your fancy, you’ll find something that screams ‘holiday’.
  5. The Court Residence: Specifically looking for somewhere near Five Sisters Zoo? The Court Residence offers plush accommodations that feel like home but better because… well, housekeeping!


Choosing where to stay is as exciting as planning what you’ll do. Each option has its charm and perks – it all depends on what makes you happiest when travelling!


1. Where exactly is Five Sisters Zoo, and how do I get there?

Oh, it’s nestled in Gavieside, West Calder, West Lothian EH55 8PT. If you’re coming from the city of Edinburgh, just hop on a bus or take a car – it’s not too far! The postcode will guide your sat-nav right to the entrance.

2. “How much does it cost to visit this zoo?”

Well, let me tell you – it’s quite a deal! The prices for 5 Sisters Zoo are pretty reasonable. Whether you’re looking for single tickets or thinking about snagging an annual pass (because one visit just won’t be enough!), they’ve got options. Prices change now and then, especially around Christmas – so maybe check their website before you go?

3. “Can I bring my dog along?”

Ah, that’s a good question! While we all love our furry friends, Five Sisters Zoo has to say no to dogs visiting – except for assistance dogs, of course. They’ve got lots of animals who might not be too keen on meeting your pooch.

4. “Is the zoo open every day?”

Yes! Well… mostly yes. It tends to be open daily but checking online or giving them a quick call before you make plans is always smart – just in case they’re closed for a special event or maintenance.

5. What kind of animals can I expect to see there?

Oh boy – where do I start? From fuzzy capybaras that’ll make you go “aww” to exotic creatures that’ll have you whipping out your camera faster than lightning! And if facts are your thing – there’s plenty about each animal at the zoo.

6. “Are there any discounts available?”

You betcha! Keep an eye out because sometimes they offer half-price tickets which is an absolute steal if you ask me… Plus memberships are available if you fancy becoming part of the zoo family and saving some pennies in the long run.